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Tunes-Remote App has been created primarily to control iTunes music remotely over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network between iOS devices i.e. iPod, iPhone and iPad. At the heart of the app is the remote control that allows you to access and play music remotely. One device would be the host (player) device and the other would be the remote device. The player device is the device on which the music is stored and is being played. Assume that this device is connected to a speaker system.

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Tunes-Remote App

Tunes-Remote is a simple yet powerful app that lets you listen to songs of your choice at any party and saves you from the pain of asking your friends to share the photos with you later. All you have to do is connect to the host player using the same Wi-Fi connection or via Bluetooth.

The host of the party can set up a shared music player and photo album. Anyone in the party can then play the songs they wish to listen to from host’s music library and share photos taken from their device with everyone in the party. You can also save the photos in you photo library. Not only that you can also make announcements using the mike feature but also dedicate the songs to someone special.

  • Listen to songs of your choice at a party.
  • Share photos of the party with everyone in the party.
  • Dedicate songs to someone special.
  • Make announcements at a party.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPhone touch and iPod. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection required.

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Tunes- Remote can be used in two modes:

    Player Mode
  • Setup a player and play music from iTunes library of your device.
  • Setup a password that guests needs to enter to connect to your player (optional).
  • Select the folder from iTunes music library from which guest can add songs to app playlist.
  • Player can establish a connection for 30 minutes at a time. This restriction can be removed via In-App purchase.
  • Add songs to the playlist and even dedicate it to someone.
  • Add photos for the event and share it with guests.
  • Set if a song can occur twice on the playlist.
  • Set if the guest will have the privilege to reorder the songs in the playlist.
  • Set the maximum number of songs that will be added to the playlist from the library when he starts the connection.
  • Set if photos will be available for the event and if guest can also add photos to the event.
  • Set if there will be any pause after a song completes.
  • Set if there will be any fading effect in between 2 songs.
  • Remove adds via In-App purchase.
    Guest Mode
  • Connect to a player and see the playlist for the event.
  • Add songs to the playlist from player’s iTunes music library and even dedicate it to someone.
  • Add photos along with comments for the event and view photos and comments added by the other users.
  • Reorder the songs in the playlist and even remove songs from the playlist.
  • Remove ads via In-App purchase.

How To Use

Tunes Remote app can be used in 2 ways – as a player or as a guest.

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